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My name is Nova, Nova Rose the Literature Writer!I am currently 20 years old, I am a female ♀ and I am an American!I am a literature writer (in training) and am very friendly to new people and would love to talk to them!I am pansexual and I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community.I am born on December 21st, 2001, and am a Sagittarius♐ and a snake🐍.

1. No harassment❌
2. No bullying❌
3. No NSFW ❌ (Unless you are around the same age as me, then it is okay)
4. No stealing work from me ❌
5. No homophobia ❌
6. No drama ❌
7. No extreme cursing ❌ (I'm okay with normal cussing, but not extreme cussing)
8. No spamming❌
9. No threats ❌
10. No sexual harassment❌